Christmas mingle

Tänstickspalatset Västra Trädgårdsgatan 15, Stockholm, Sverige

Postponed until autumn due to covid-19: The Chamber supports SME’s going global

Small and medium sized companies in Sweden (and many other countries) have to reach out and "go global". That is to discover new markets and contexts, new ideas, new partners, investment possibilities, etc. They are often too small to find these markets and the new rules and conditions out there on their own. Ideon Science […]

HKCCSE at Food Tech Day 2020 in Örebro

Örebro konserthus

This year, as well as last year, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden is invited to the Food Tech Day in Örebro. The Chamber’s Chairperson Torborg Chetkovich will participate as speaker and as part of the jury awarding the Food Tech start-up of the Year. His Royal Highness Prince Carl Philip leads the jury […]

Hong Kong-Sweden Business Beyond Covid-19

Zoom meeting

Welcome to join an exclusive webinar April 23, 8-8.45 am CET (Swedish time)   Our guest speakers participate from Hong Kong and Sweden and represent  businesses that have been affected by the present pandemic in different ways. At this webinar, we will focus more on what comes next. Will we see permanent changes in business […]

Webinar: Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Trade, Anna Hallberg & Chairman of Investor, Jacob Wallenberg

Online webinar

How has Swedish Trade Policy worked during the pandemic of Covid-19 and how will it work once pandemic is over? What industrial support in regards to exports and international activities have been put in place? Listen to experiences from the Swedish management of the pandemic partly from a national perspective, but also from the Wallenberg sphere's experience and the view of the […]