The Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden is an independent, non-political and non-profit organization. The mission of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden is to promote trade relations between Sweden and Hong Kong and act as a catalyst for projects between the two regions.  With an already rich history of collaboration and cooperation between, we are looking to build on this and offer even more dynamic cross-regional opportunities.

Through seminars, events, and networking activities, we will promote more comprehensive member engagement in business, research and education. We will annually arrange delegation visits to Hong Kong, to see first-hand how crucial the city is as a gateway to Asia.

Beyond this, we will also focus on students and startups, acting as an incubator for their future international endeavours and as a touchpoint for exploring Hong Kong and Asian opportunities.

As Sweden is starting to become a dominant force in industries such as design, fintech, sustainability, and gaming, we seek to promote extending the reach of these fields, especially as far as Hong Kong partnerships and interactions are concerned.

Additionally, through the close cooperation between companies and organisations in Sweden and Hong Kong, we are able to offer an experienced network that will benefit all members in meaningful ways.  We belong to the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide, a business network of more than 41 Hong Kong Associations in 30 countries and with a total of over 13 000 individual members. Read more about the federation.

The Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce has its registered seat and head office in Stockholm. We also have a regional chapter in Malmö/Lund. The Chamber was established in March 2017 through a transformation of the Royal Sweden Hong Kong Society which was founded in 1984.

HRH Princess Birgitta is the official Patron of the Chamber.