Invitation to AGM Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Sweden (organisation number 802442-9113)

Date and time: 25 March 2022, 11.30-13:00 CET
Location: Mäster Samuelsgatan 20, 111 44 Stockholm and digital meeting link will be available                                                                                       

  1. Opening of the Annual General Meeting;
  2. Election of a chairperson of the meeting; 
  3. Election of secretary of the meeting; 
  4. Election of two persons to attest the minutes; 
  5. Approval of the agenda; 
  6. Confirmation that the general meeting has been duly summoned; 
  7. The Director’s report, Appendix 1 and 1a;
  8. Presentation of the annual accounts and the auditor’s report; Appendix 2
  9. Resolution on adoption of the income statement and balance sheet;
  10. Resolution on the disposition of the Chamber’s profit or loss as shown in the adopted balance sheet;
  11. Resolution on discharge of liability of members of the board;
  12. Propositions from board, Appendix 3;
  13. Propositions from members, Appendix 3;
  14. Determine any fees to be paid to the auditors, Appendix 3;
  15. Election of the Board of Directors – The election committee’s report, Appendix 4;
  16. Appointment of auditor; Appendix 4;
  17. Appointment of an Election Committee, Appendix 5; 
  18. Closing of AGM

RSVP March 18 to

        Link to the AGM will be sent to those attending. 

Annual report for 2021 and Appendices are available upon request one week before the AGM.