Earlier this year Team Sweden asked the Swedish SwedCham members what they think about the business climate in Hong Kong. As team Sweden in Hong Kong put it, “the purpose of this survey is to increase the understanding of opportunities and challenges that the Hong Kong market presents for Swedish companies. After a period of recession and economic contraction, Hong Kong’s economy is predicted to return to growth this year”.

On friday the results of The Business Climate Survey 2021 were presented by Consul General Per Augustsson, Anna Zhan from Business Sweden and Simona Rosi and Kristian Odebjer from SwedCham. The comprehensive report indicates an increased positive economic outlook among the responding companies. The report also lists various advantages and challenges that Swedish business in Hong Kong perceive. The main advantages of Hong Kong are perceived to be the taxation system, legal & regulatory system and geographical location. The main challenges are perceived as Covid-19 and it’s impacts and restrictions, high cost of rent and political developments.

Beyond this the report covers key success factors and sustainability, be sure to check it out in full here!